The Candidate Journey: How Do You Convince Potential Candidates To Sign?


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Nowadays, most of the recruiters have increasing expectations when it comes to the potential employees they are hiring. In a nutshell, every employer wants the candidate to: have an attractive resume, understand what their job requires, be friendly, polite, punctual and fit great in a team. On the flip side, candidates also expect a pleasant recruitment experience that involves understanding and respect.

So, how do you maximize the recruitment initiative and make sure both sides of the story get what they want?

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The ‘Candidate Journey’ As The Only Way HR Teams Can Understand What A Job Description Is Really About

It’s simple – you focus on the ‘Candidate Journey’ as the main way through which you can get more potential candidates to sign for your company. In the aquaculture industry, the ‘Candidate Journey’ has a lot of challenges. They start from the descriptions that contain insufficient information about what the job involves and go way down to not understanding the requirements for the specific job position or company.

The truth is, hiring employees in the aquaculture industry is not difficult. It is just a process that is delicate and needs more attention. Instead of following the traditional principles of sending interview invitations that do not take into account the possibilities of the programs or ones that are outdated – the ‘Candidate Journey’ must focus on relevant information that is tailored to the needs of the candidate.

For that manner, we are listing our 3 main suggestions to aid the effectiveness of the ‘Candidate Journey’… on AquacultureTalent

1. Be an attractive employer even when you don’t recruit

Companies in the aquaculture industry need to dismiss the thought of only being attractive when they hire. After all, building an image and authority in the industry means adapting to the trends and staying relevant at all times.

Even though actual recruitment is never over, waiting for a new job to open up and make your company visible to candidates is not the right game to play. Instead, employers should provide more details about their business when looking for new candidates (or when they don’t) and submit them in the AquacultureTalent company description profiles.

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Only this way, the benefits that a company provides can be actually shown and the company can have the highest value in the face of new candidates.

2. Be prompt when communicating with your candidates

Aquaculture is an industry where a lot of companies perceive themselves as unique and therefore set their own rules when it comes to contacting employees. However, waiting three weeks to contact a person to set up an interview (after they have applied) is not the right example to set.

Instead, active job search means that everyone in the HR department and Recruiters should be prompt when contacting the candidates and setting up an interview. Our platform named AquacultureTalent offers great way to invite the candidates for an interview and always be ready to take the next step.

Furthermore, the HR department or Employers can use multiple devices and screens to operate the app (Android, iOS or website) which means that there is no excuse to not be prompt in the job search!

On a side note, responding to the candidates that did not match the requirements of the job they applied to is also a must. Letting them know why their profile is not suitable for the job and wishing them success is undoubtedly the best way to deal with them. Responding to candidates that didn’t got the job is a professional move that also speaks a lot for the authority of your business. 

3. Show your candidate what their next job looks like (in detail)

Most of the candidates and employers in the aquaculture industry see the process of getting interviewed in the same way – a reception, a meeting room and a few people working in the near offices. And even though most companies see this as normal – it can also be an image that a potential candidate doesn’t want to see.

Just ask yourselves – is the job you are doing nowadays the same as the image you saw when you first came to your office for an interview? Not exactly, right? So, what stops companies in the aquaculture industry from showing the opposite?

No matter how many good things you have to tell, how many cool things they want to know or how much you love your company as a recruiter, there is one rule that always delivers the best results in this industry. The rule of showing instead of telling.

So, what we suggest is taking a small tour of the company for the candidates (it doesn’t have to be every candidate), either at the beginning or at the end of the interview, showing them the most interest things and having something attractive at hand that will always serve as a great way to ‘break the ice’ for the potential employees.

A Final Word

In the end, it is more than certain that small things can mean a lot in the ‘Candidate Journey’.

Not to mention that they could set your company aside from the competition and position you as a true leader in the field. As you see, a little sign of respect and understanding of your candidate’s needs can go a long way when hiring.

So, why not give your candidates what they truly expect and need in their journey to a better position? Why not use all of your resources and become a top employer with using just a few proven tricks in this process?

For the end, it is safe to say that building respect, trust and understanding from the very beginning can definitely make a professional relationship last and yield a lot of positive results and success in the future – both for candidates and the entire company.

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