What are The Consequences of Being a Poor Leader?


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Developing the right leadership style makes everything in your team and organization run smoothly. Which is key to having engaged employees which converts into one of the most important factors when developing the right employer branding strategy. Everything when managing talent is interconnected as humans are a cluster of interactions, perceptions, experiences, and a whole lot of other stuff. We talked about what exactly a bad leader is, but what are the consequences of a poor leader?  It is kind of obvious in the end it all narrows down to not achieving your desired results, but what else?

Lack of Confidence

Your organizational culture is not developed effectively. When we have a bad leader in your organization there is not good and constant communication, in the team, and between departments. This lack of communication brings uncertainty to your employees. Are they doing their job appropriately? They will not know.

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If a leader is unable to inspire confidence in their teams, then there will be a lack of responsibility, a lot of absenteeism, and no feeling of obligations. If you do not legitimate your company values and the value each of your employees has, then you will not have good results. You will not succeed.

Lack of Performance

Developing the wrong leadership style will lead your team to be ineffective. Your role as a leader is to always account for everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. If you can’t weigh and balance your team according to these, then your team will underperform. You need to nurture, support, and provide opportunities as well and delegate responsibilities among your team members. This will keep them motivated and able to perform appropriately. And, guess what? If you do not, you will not achieve your goals.

Lack of Influence

What are leaders for? To influence others. Right? If your team does not recognize you as their leader because you are not able to influence them appropriately due to a bad leadership style. Then you will not achieve your goals. Your ideas might get rejected even if they are logical and good for the organization if your team does not back you up.


Teamwork is all about everyone doing something in the same direction in order to reach common goals. This is very dependent on the interpersonal skills that will lead you to better and strong connections that result in problem-solving. A poor leader will harm any possible partnerships between team members as well as outside of the organization.

In Conclusion

Nobody wants to place weight on a poor leader. No path built by a poor leader will be a strong one. Other than the loss of employees, resources, and money, the wrong leader can cost you a lot more. A wrong leader will harm your employer branding and affect the need of your employees to find meaning in your organization, their work, and themselves as individuals.

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Great strategies can be put in place to perfect and fix the inabilities of a wrong leader, but the first step is in being aware and accountable for what your mistakes are. Then you can change in the right direction.

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