Aquaticode closes its first external round of fundraising destined for artificial intelligence

The amount increases to 6M USD.


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Aquaticode has closed USD 6 million in its first external round of fundraising that will accelerate projects to detect, identify, and predict relevant performance traits across multiple marine species.

Secondly, the company will launch its first two products in September. Both capable of identifying gender in juvenile salmon through non-invasive methods.

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More than 15 industrial research partnerships have participated and an unparalleled database of more than three million images and videos.

Einar Wathne – Aquaticode

Regarding this achievement, Einar Wathne, Aquaticode advisor and chairman of the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster said: “Aquaticode is ready to take a leading role in the blue food revolution.”

“Their innovations enable farmers to produce more with less. But this is only the beginning. Aquaticode can decode a world of knowledge from an array of pixels. This will change the way fish are farmed in the future,” he added.

Furthermore, Stian Rognlid, Aquaticode’s CEO stated: “We see great interest in our products. The fundraising round and the incoming sales revenue allow us to fulfill the market’s demand for our machines. This enables a transition from start-up to scale-up while maintaining a healthy balance between short-term operations and long-term R&D.”

Stian Rognlid – Aquaticode

About Aquaticode

Aquaticode was founded by Nacre Capital, a venture builder for AI within the life sciences. In addition, its sister companies include FDNA, Fairtility, Seed-X, and (acquired by Facebook). The company is a leader in the blue food revolution. Also, a go-to innovation partner across the value chains of multiple aquatic species. Its AI is rooted in a deep learning infrastructure. It has been trained to predict fish and shrimp phenotypes through machine vision.

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