Austevoll Seafood in South America more expected that achieved

The companies achieve certain targets, but do not raise numbers


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Austevoll Seafood ASA Group (AUSS) had a higher total revenue in Q4 of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, which may indicate growth in their business, but in spite of that, the profits were not as positive as they could have been in South America.

Various factors such as higher operating costs, lower margins, or unexpected expenses has complicated the financial expectatives of There are two companies in the group based on South America: the Austral Group S.A.A. (Austral) in Peru and Foodcorp S.A. in Chile. The first one has no success in their projection in fishmeal and oil production, while the second one close the Q4 with more catch but less money.

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Austral Group S.A.A.

On the one hand, Austral had a low fish meal and fish oil inventory at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2022, totaling 4,700 tons. This problem, combined with a later start to the season, meant low finished product sales volumes in the quarter. Fish meal sales volumes were less than a half of the same quarter the year before and also there were no fish oil was sold during the quarter.

At the end of Q4 2022, the company’s fish meal and fish oil stocks amounted to 20,800 tons, compared to 48,000 tons at the end of Q4 2021.


Foodcorp S.A.

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The Chilean company had a low level of activity in the fourth quarter, which is normal for the season – one of the two seasons of the year usually starts in October/November and lasts until the end of December-. Nevertheless, the business increase the tons of jack mackerel and anchoveta in this Q4 2022. 

On the other hand, sales of frozen products not only get stock at the end of the year in compared with of Q4 2021, but also prices realized by the company in 4Q 2022 were 17% lower than in 4Q 2021. Thus, at the end of 4Q 2022, the company had stocks of 4,300 tons of frozen products, compared to 2,600 tons at the end of 4Q 2021.

Gulf Almirante Montt,Puerto Natales, Chile – Pacific Ocean waters in Chile, Patagonia, Magallanes Region at sunset


About Austral Group S.A.A.

Austral Group S.A.A. (Austral) was born in 2009 and has it base in Peru -one of the world’s largest producer of fishmeal and fish oil-, is an integrated value chain comprising fishing, fishmeal and fish oil production, and the manufacture of consumer products.

About Foodcorp S.A.

Foodcorp Chile S.A. (FC) started in 80 with the clear mission of create a value chain that spans several aspects of the seafood industry. With a focus on Chilean seafood, FC’s value chain appears to encompass three main segments: fisheries, production of consumer products and fishmeal and fish oil production. 

FC’s fishing rights correspond to 8.6% of the jack mackerel not only quota
established for the fleet to which FC’s vessels belong FC but also has a
sardine/anchovy quota. Besides the company buys raw material
(anchoveta/sardine) from the coastal fleet for use in its fish meal and fish oil



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