Maye Walraven: “Land-based aquaculture is going to be a really interesting market for us”

However, Innovafeed's newly appointed General Manager for North America, points out that this will come in the future. At this stage, their commercial efforts in United States are focused on pet food rather than aquaculture.


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Innovafeed, the world’s leading insect biotech company, recently announced that it has raised $250 million (€250 million) in Series D funding, part of which will be dedicated to accelerating its international expansion, especially in the United States. In the same release, the company also revealed the name of the person who would lead that expansion, Maye Walraven. WeAreAquaculture has spoken with her about her newly created position as General Manager for North America, and also about the company’s expansion plans in the United States. Of course, they include aquaculture, especially land-based aquaculture, although this is not the main reason for the company to set up shop in North America territory. 

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